How new Roof came to be

Before I tell you how Roof works, I want to tell you a quick story of how we got to where we are today.

A year ago, I met Jen Gruber. This is Jen ☝️

Jen is the director of marketing and innovation at HomeServices of Nebraska.

Her company - HSNE for short - is one of the vibrant real estate companies in Lincoln. The team is an innovator and early adopter when it comes to marketing tech. They've always been a driving force for the company to adopt new ways of doing things.

When I first sat down with Jen, she told me that she's always been focused on enhancing their digital consumer experience. As many MarTech people in the industry, she tried a bunch of tools, and - sometimes stitching a few together - but it didn't work. These tools were either too rigid to adapt to their needs, or they require a Masters degree in User Guides.

So we planned on attacking this problem together.

We started dissecting the entire home buyer journey each stage at a time.

We ended up spending the next 9 months working together to design a customer experience that she and I are very proud of.

Here's what we've achieved at her company:

2x close rate on online leads

800 human hours saved every month

66% increase in traffic quality

10x increase in affiliate opportunities

Slam dunk! Right?

Next up, I'll tell you how Jen ditched her previous chat tool for Roof's AI-powered conversations.

Till next time 👋