Roof works for you and for your customers

Imagine if your consumers could get exactly what they wanted when they visited your real estate website.

Imagine if your agents and team didn’t have to spend days or weeks creating workflows trying to follow-up with your consumers.

Imagine if your marketing team didn't have to stitch different tools together to nurture your customers and to keep you top of mind.

Imagine if you could take your top-performing agent or staff that customers love and instantly train your whole team to do things the way she does.

And imagine if you could promote your affiliate services effortlessly, and replace your long and scary mortgage application forms, with simple conversations.

With Roof, that's what you get. A customer experience platform built for your brokerage and your consumers.

There’s no extra work for you. I promise. You won't have to switch tools, nor teach agents on new systems. No more dashboards to login to, no passwords to remember. And most importantly, you won't have to worry about agent adoption. More on that later.

Roof works with the tools you use everyday and works autonomously. Roof can do the heavy-lifting, but you get all the credit.

Next, I'll tell you how the new version of Roof came to be.

Till next time 👋