We're here to help you navigate COVID-19.

We know things are a little weird right now, and that it is not business as usual. That’s why we put together a Support Package to help your team keep up with changing customer demand due to COVID-19.

24/7 customer service

Autonomous customer support

Do more with less effort

How Roof AI products can help during this time

Provide excellent service even if your team is at home

Customers expect to receive the best service even in the hardest of circumstances. With Roof’s real-time (self)service, you can mitigate the impact of shortage of staff while keeping up with mounting support demand.

Triage and prioritize the most urgent request

Roof AI will help your team answer the most urgent requests and route leads to where they can get best be served.

Proactively help customers through this tough time

Build trust when it’s most needed by staying on top of your customers’ needs and instantly answering their inquiries with less effort.

Offer personalized recommendations and promote virtual tours

Unusual circumstances doesn’t mean you should close your digital store. Adapt to the changing time and keep your business open to provide your customers with an experience they deserve.

Give your customers the service they need

Convert Visitors

Qualify leads automatically and close more deals around the clock with bots.

Scale Customer Service

Help customers in real-time with automation and self-service support.

Boost Engagement

Engage visitors and delight customers with personalized content on and off the website.

Grow Affiliate Revenues

Deliver the most relevant offers from your affiliates and turn every interaction profitable.