Turn prospects into loyal customers

Roof AI engages with your prospects and nurtures them with hyper-personalized campaigns and turns them into loyal customers.

Real-time website personalization

Roof AI gives your website superpowers by recognizing returning visitors and dynamically updating your website content.

Resume home shopping

Roof AI saves your returning visitors time by allowing them to continue where they left off.

Nurture prospects with content that keeps them interested

Roof AI keeps prospects engaged and moves them down the funnel with valuable and targeted content.

Smart property recommendations

Roof AI uses behavioral targeting to send accurate recommendations that get prospects excited to come back and see what’s new.

Connect your favorite lead sources

Extend the power of Roof AI to all prospects by connecting your different lead sources.

There is more to Roof AI

Convert Visitors

Qualify leads automatically and close more deals around the clock with bots.

Scale Customer Service

Help customers in real-time with automation and self-service support.

Grow Affiliate Revenues

Deliver the most relevant offers and turn every interaction into a profitable experience.