What we've been up to 🥁

    Here’s the thing.

    Despite the rise of real estate software for brokers and agents, the consumer online experience is still fragmented, takes too long to get simple things right, and can feel really *really* antiquated.

    And if you’re in real estate marketing today, it’s not that you’re trying to create a bad buying experience. Nope. It's just that the explosion of tech tools has made things about the technology and the agent – not the customer.

    So at Roof AI, we decided to put an end to that.

    We’re introducing the *new* Roof AI, built for brokers and marketers who want to embrace the customer era.

    In the next series of posts, I'll walk you though how we've built the *new* Roof AI, and how we designed it around you and your customer, to help you step up your consumer game.

    Till next time 👋