Unlock your workforce's superpowers

Empower your team with Roof's automation that works for you even when you’re away.

Reduce your repetitive work Icon

Reduce your repetitive work

Roof responds to inquiries that get asked over and over again, so your team can focus on more productive tasks.
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Instant customer resolutions Image
Instant customer resolutions Icon

Instant customer resolutions

Give your customers impressive and immediate support, even if your team is busy or offline.
Smart team escalation Icon

Smart team escalation

Roof escalates to the right people on your team based on information captured, browsing behavior, and more.
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Faster Follow-ups Image
Faster Follow-ups Icon

Faster Follow-ups

Roof makes sure every customer has been responded to, and every inquiry has been attended for.
Autonomous lead qualification Icon

Autonomous lead qualification

Roof automates the qualification of your leads and capture their info so you won't have to.
Autonomous lead qualification Image
Timely lead routing Image
Timely lead routing Icon

Timely lead routing

Roof route leads to the right team automatically, saving time on manual lead assignments.
Real-time lead hand-off Icon

Real-time lead hand-off

Roof keeps your customers engaged, until it passes them on to your agents when they are ready to talk business.
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What makes Roof special

Speed to resolution Icon

Speed to resolution

Bots are completely autonomous and keep learning from interactions with your customers.

Works 24/7 Icon

Works 24/7

Bots work around the clock to qualify leads, nurture clients and generate revenue, even when you're asleep.

Saves time Icon

Saves time

Roof uses multiple contact channels for your customers to reach out and engage with you including chat, email, text and social.

Increases productivity Icon

Increases productivity

Roof works well with the tools you use everyday, including your CRM, lead router and more.

How Roof can help you scale your business.

Convert Visitors Icon

Convert Visitors

Qualify leads automatically and close more deals around the clock with bots.

Scale Customer Service Icon

Scale Customer Service

Help customers in real-time with automation and self-service support.

Boost Engagement Icon

Boost Engagement

Engage visitors and delight customers with personalized content on and off the website.

Grow Affiliate Revenues Icon

Grow Affiliate Revenues

Deliver the most relevant offers from your affiliates and turn every interaction profitable.