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Automatically engage and convert leads on Facebook, websites
& text message.

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Think of Roof as your virtual assistant who

Roof Chatbot
Engages Instantly with Leads

Leads convert at a higher rate when responded to instantly. Provide a great customer experience with quick response time.

Assigns Leads to Agents

You are probably on the road most of the time. Don’t lose a lead again by collaborating with your team.

Is Always Available

Humans need to sleep. Roof however, is a computer that is available 24/7.

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Chatbot lead conversation
Auto-responders don’t work, conversations do

Roof engages with your incoming leads, captures their request and notifies you whenever a lead is ready to be closed!

Grow on several platforms

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Text Messages
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More Channels = More Leads

Start automating lead conversion on all your marketing channels, whether it’s your Facebook Messenger, website and/or SMS.


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Record Conversations
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Capture Criteria & Construct Request
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Notify Agents
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Transfer to Agents
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Search & Send MLS Listings
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Respond to Inquiries

Connect with and manage your leads, all in one place

Leads from all channels are funneled into one easy tool that allows you to communicate with your leads & collaborate with your team.


with your leads via an easy-to-use messenger.

Take control

for a more personalized conversation at any time.

Dispatch to other agents

in your team whenever it gets too busy.

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Start automating conversations now