In this update, I'm going over 3 new features that we pushed in the past couple of weeks.

Influenced recommendations

Most real estate websites come with property alerts functionality, but the vast majority of those options are difficult to navigate and require you to create an account and set your preferences.

Roof's property recommendations just work. They don't require any manual configuration, nor any effort to maintain. It follows your activity as a consumer on a real estate website, and then adapts the recommendations in real-time, on the site and inside the nurturing campaigns.

Today, we're introducing an enhancement to our recommendation algorithm that promotes your company's listings above others.

Influenced listing recommendations

The Roof recommendation engine still works the same:

  1. It is always based on the consumer's browsing activity, and what they like and don't like,
  2. it is refining the recommendations on the go to adapt to the consumer's evolving preferences,
  3. and now, it puts your company's listings that match the consumer's criteria on top of the stack.

Therefore, increasing your chances for double-ended deals.

New email skin

This has been requested by many of our partners. We updated the skin of your email campaigns. Here's how your campaigns will look like going forward, with the logo of your company front and center, replacing your bot's avatar.

New email skin

As you can see in the example above, your emails now better reflect your company's identity.

New campaign to promote your Realtors

Up until recently, Roof was waiting on your customers to indicate that they're not working with an agent before promoting your own.

But there's a big portion of visitors on your website everyday, who are either early in the home buying journey, or didn't indicate yet that they have no agent.

As soon as a potential customer interacts with your bot on your site, it starts encouraging them to seek the help of one of your experts through a marketing campaign similar to the one displayed below:

Email campaign promoting Realtors

Roof makes sure not to bother your agents with customers who are already working with someone.

When a customer goes on your website and searches for a house, they will receive this email campaign the next day, asking them if they would like to be introduced to one of your company's Realtors.

A simple click of a button turns a random visitor on your website into a customer for one of your agents.

Thank you for reading this far, and until next time 👋