We're kicking off 2021 with a new product update series highlighting newly released product features. We'll also be sharing some of what's being cooked in our lab.

Here are the upgrades we've gone live with in the past couple of weeks.

Turning buyer leads into listing opportunities

If you are familiar with Roof, you know that customer intelligence is at its core. Real estate companies who use our solution know that when it comes to enhancing lead quality, Roof is all in on that. Incubating leads and prepping them for your agents, is one of the biggest functions of our solution.

A few years back, we launched Roof with a focus on qualifying buyer leads in the best way possible. We’ve since improved the ways in which we collect customer data to help you and your agents make the best data-driven decisions.

Today, we're going even further in our data collection efforts. Roof will now be able to pick up on a buyer lead’s selling intent. This new update will give you the opportunity to turn home buyers into seller leads.

Here's how that works:

Turning buyer leads into listing opportunities

When a buyer is interested in a listing on your website, Roof goes on to inquire about their selling intent by gathering the following:

  1. Do they currently own a home?
  2. Are they looking to sell their property in order to purchase the new one they're inquiring about?
  3. If so, is their property listed on the market?
  4. And how was that property listed on the market?

So if the buyer hasn't listed their property on the market yet, Roof automatically converts them into a listing opportunity for you!

And therefore, doubling your ROI on every opportunity within your network.

Poaching mortgage leads from competitors

This past year, we’ve been focusing on turning your website visitors and your buyers into mortgage leads.

For each visitor, we gather their mortgage criteria. For example, we try to find out whether a lead has been pre-approved for a mortgage, or not. If they haven't been pre-approved yet, Roof converts them into mortgage opportunities for your loan officers.

Today, we're unlocking a new upgrade that helps you win the mortgage leads game.

Going back to the example above, if customers have already been pre-approved for a mortgage, Roof does not give up on them just yet. It goes one step further and poaches those leads from your competitors, by promoting a second opinion on their mortgage. If they opt-in, their contact information is then passed on to one of your loan officers to close them.

Here's a sample nurturing campaign for Second Opinion on Mortgage:

Poaching mortgage leads from competitors

With a click of a button, Roof turns your competitors' mortgage leads into your own.

Real-time validation for phone numbers and email addresses

As I mentioned earlier, we take lead quality very seriously. To push the lead qualification even further, we implemented a validation step on every email address and phone number your customers share.

Here's how that validation looks like in a sample conversation:

Validate email address and phone number

This helps you with the following:

  1. Eliminate customer typos that prevent you from getting in contact with them and therefore lose that opportunity, and
  2. Validate that each customer's contact information is in fact accurate.

This way, you won't have to waste any time on the John Smith(s) and Jane Doe(s), and only focus on closing the serious customers.

Until next time 👋